Michael Agresta sat down with Orlando Lara and Deyadira Arellano to discuss Detention Nation and the politics of mixing art and activism, artists and activists, and the in-between. Click here to read the rest of the article, “Lives in Limbo.”

“Lara acknowledges a range of temperaments among collective members along the spectrum from artist to activist, but he resists the idea of classifying and separating their roles. He recalls, in college, working with a longtime member of El Teatro Campesino, a political theater company formed as a cultural wing of the United Farm Workers in the era of César Chávez. “They had a rule that there was no such thing as someone that was just an artist,” Lara explains. “Everyone at some point had to do some organizing, so that there weren’t these special categories created that were like, ‘You just worry about painting a mural.'” — Michael Agresta

The article also covers “States of Incarceration,” a project led by Sarah Lopez, a professor in the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture.

‘States of Incarceration’ at the University of Texas-Austin.  SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE VISUAL RESOURCES COLLECTION

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